Here are the controversial CP+B pieces for Burger King Spain. Would Mexicans in the US care about it? maybe they wouldn’t…? Mexican diplomatic staff did, though; the spot was cancelled after a reprimand from Mexico’s Embassy in Madrid.

  1. paco says:

    The issue came from the fact that in Mexico it’s not allowed to use the mexican flag in any advertising.
    So everything went downhill from there for the mexican diplomats; I’m also guessing that if the wrestler had look more like Blue Demon -a strong, taller, bulkier guy-they may not have objected it.
    Now, what’s is admirable is that CPB manages to get buzz about their work one way or the other…bien o mal pero que hablen!

  2. Tal Ivar says:

    I’m mexican and don’t feel offended. I think politicians should care about more important things than this.

    The only problem about it is the usage of the mexican “escudo” at the print executions, because is against mexican laws.

    Anyway, I think that although they are using a stereotype to show their product, I think is quit funny with the hamburger attribute: “little spicy mexican”.

  3. Gery Lopez says:

    Given the target audience for this commercial was European, I think it is very well made. It plays on stereotypes from popular culture – right or wrong – they are stereotypes that are part of the pop culture.

    If this spot were to air in the US, it would be a very different story.

    As a Mexican-American, what I find offensive is the use of the flag. Which probably for most Mexican-Americans it is probably a ritual of pride at ever parade, I was raised by parents who were very nationalistic. I remembered getting a Mexican flag and folding it to use it as a bandana around my forehead. I think I had just seen a cholo movie, and I thought it was cool. I was about 14 years old. My fashion statement lasted a few minutes, as my mother came straight at me, and smacked me in the head to tell me. Con la bandera no se juega, la bandera se respeta! (The flag is not the be played with, you must respect it). She made me take it off, and iron it, and hang it in my room.

    Let’s not talk about wearing La Virgen de Guadalupe… I know I would never hear the end of it…

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