race and hollywood: latino images in film

Posted: May 6, 2009 by passionateleader in communications, culture, film, hispanic, image, latino, People
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race and hollywood: latino image in film

race and hollywood: latino image in film

What’s this? Hollywood wants to portray Latinos in a different light? Why?

For the longest time it seems that Hollywood and the main media was mostly concerned with showcasing Latinos/Hispanics in only stereotypical roles. Our women were only good so long as they played seductive roles while men were casted as machista usually playing the part of a drunk, waiter or the Don Juan’s.

This month Turner Classic Films (TCM) will go behind the camera lense to take a closer look at the Latino representation in Hollywood and how it has been transformed over the decades. The bi-weekly program will be hosted by Obert Osborne and Chon Noriega. Osborne is the co-host of TCM’s, The Essentials and Noriega is a professor of cinema and media studies at UCLA and director of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

Check your local listings but TCM is set to air episodes every Tuesday and Thursday during this month.

Click on they hyperlink for more information…and stay tuned we might just have more to say about this issue.

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