pc vs. mac – round 5

Posted: May 13, 2009 by tricicloxido in advertising, culture, Marketing, People
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The race between Mac and Microsoft over users is one of the most fascinating advertising clashes of our time. It reminds me of an epic creative battle. Well, I might be exaggerating but it’s gain a lot of attention. It’s mostly due not only to the stature of these brands, but also because people have a strong allegiance to each brand.

But things are about to get more interesting. CP+B, it seems, has taken up the prolific challenge of responding to Apple’s Mac campaign, by TBWA.

Are you ready for a creative battle?

I can still recall an interview by Lee Clow and Alex Bogusky, in which Bogusky told the story of how the sight of Lee Clow, an old dude wearing flip flops, encouraged him to become a creative.

Here’s an online effort that has called our attention:

As we can see, Microsoft is determined to reverse this false “i’m a PC” stereotype and make real people stand up for the cause.

Windows - The Rookies

It reminded us of two things: the Chicken Sandwich fight campaign for Burger King a couple of years back (the title design was the same) and the Coke Spain spot about the oldest man meeting a newborn (scroll down).

Mac of course, is using online in smart ways. here’s what TBWA/Media Arts Lab created for the Wall Street Journal.

TBWA for Mac

Battle of the Titans…


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