coming to homerica – the simpson’s take on immigration

Posted: May 20, 2009 by passionateleader in culture, Marketing, People
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Coming to Homerica

Coming to Homerica

Now we can all sleep safe at night knowing that Homer and his friends are securing our border…

Fox aired the Simpon’s season finale this Sunday and they decided to focus their attention on an issue that has a lot of debate surrounding it – immigration and border control.

In this episode, we see how Springfield reacts after their city is taken over by a group of foreigners who border Springfield – the Norwegian-descended Ogdenvillians.

The Odgenvillians are a group of hard working people who after being pleasantly welcomed are suddenly banished due to their cultural impact on Springfield. Even baby Maggie is affected as her first words are in Odgenvillise “Ya..Ya,Ya” 

Surprisingly enough, the writers could have taken this story anywhere instead they choose to deal with the human connection teaching us that we – the people – of any collective group, state or origin might have more in common than what we might have thought…but you be the judge. 

Watch the episode (click on the pic) and let us know what you think.


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