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While some may be tired of all the news coverage from the death of MJ one can’t help but wonder about the magnitude of this person. So much as Michael was an actual person today we wanted to share with you some of the things the make Michael an icon brand that may never ever be duplicated.

The following are pictures that we released for the auction of his private collection.

Very interesting things…not to mention the fact that there are other brands and images that whether they like it or not will somehow always share a correlation with MJ; for example, Peter Pan and Neverland.

Today we salute the passing of an icon.


and just for laughs…

oh dear......

not exactly what anyone would imagined when one reads the caption of top Mexican designer home.

Remember hearing the stories of Cinderella and Snow White when you were a child. Everyone knows how they end or do we?

Take a look at these classic beauties highlighted in a modern day setting as portrayed by Dina Goldstein – photographer extraordinaire.

Dina’s ongoing project was inspired by the observation of three-year-old girls who were developing an interest in Disney’s Fairy tales.

I’d like to see what Goldstein will do with The Little Mermaid. Guess we don’t get to live so happily ever after…Let’s just hope that Disney isn’t watching. We know how protective they can be of their image especially when they are constantly trying to sell us magical dreams.

“Fallen Princess” is set to be completed by October of this year. To see more images visit:

If you thought people in subways were too busy to notice anyone else…think again!

The Portuguese comic artist – Antonio Jorge Goncalves – makes drawings of people sitting in subways from around the world. He stays an average of three weeks in ten different cities and makes around 300 drawings. Each sketch depicts different subway riders.

So, the next time you happen to be on the subway – strike a pose – assuming someone is staring at you. Who knows, you might just be the subject of some future artwork.

Check out for more of his work. Let us know if you find a picture of yourself.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…ever find a great t-shirt only to see someone else with the exact one.

This may be because most big retailers and even brand designers produce in large batch quantities (i.e. Target, Express, Ralph Lauren, Hollister…and the list continues).

But you want something unique…well, so do we.

So today, we highlight a new company called alfalfa-seeds. One could say that this company finds it’s innovation and inspiration in a sort of art meets fashion context.

Inspired by the style of the engraver José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913), one of the first modern Mexican designers and a hero to Rafael Esquer – designer of the newest collection for alfalfa-seeds; the Seven Deadly Sins.

Take a look at the link and show off your little monster. Below is a picture of the envidia logo…pretty cool. But watch out…they’re not called the seven deadly sins for nothing…be careful what you wish…LOL

Let us know what you think.

envidia - seven deadly sins

envidia - seven deadly sins

Wait, what?

Did you just say Barbie and foosball a perfect match?!?!? Well, by the looks of it..not really. But leave it to French designer Chloe Ruchon – creator of BarbieFoot – a completely operable Foosball table that highlights Barbie’s playful and yet somewhat manly side.

Can you imagine little girls out there wanting to add this to their Barbie playset? I’m sure the princess generation is going to be lined up trying to convince their parents about why they simply need to have this at their next birthday party.

On a serious note, I have to at least compliment Ruchon for literal thinking outside the box and realm of Barbie in order to create a unique co-branding experience. Now, whether Mattle or Barbie fans approve…the verdict will have to wait.

But simply out of curiosity…tell us, what do you think? And should Ken’s head be the little foosball ball?

Barbie Foosball

Barbie Foosball

What’s this, Southwest Airlines is now concentrating their efforts toward the Latino market?

It’s true. Señor Destino, or “Mr. Destination” has arrived.

Encouraging both the Hispanic traveler and vacationers to use the carrier. Señor Destino is the friend whose going to be looking after your every need to make sure you have piece of mind on your next trip.

A very smart move for Southwest Airlines…