show off your little monster – envidia

Posted: June 18, 2009 by passionateleader in culture, Design, Fashion, hispanic, latino, Marketing, People
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Tell me if this has ever happened to you…ever find a great t-shirt only to see someone else with the exact one.

This may be because most big retailers and even brand designers produce in large batch quantities (i.e. Target, Express, Ralph Lauren, Hollister…and the list continues).

But you want something unique…well, so do we.

So today, we highlight a new company called alfalfa-seeds. One could say that this company finds it’s innovation and inspiration in a sort of art meets fashion context.

Inspired by the style of the engraver José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913), one of the first modern Mexican designers and a hero to Rafael Esquer – designer of the newest collection for alfalfa-seeds; the Seven Deadly Sins.

Take a look at the link and show off your little monster. Below is a picture of the envidia logo…pretty cool. But watch out…they’re not called the seven deadly sins for nothing…be careful what you wish…LOL

Let us know what you think.

envidia - seven deadly sins

envidia - seven deadly sins

  1. Hey Thanks for the nice write up! Yes, the tees are great…it was really fun to design them and to expose the amazing José Guadalupe Posada to the world. The materials are amazing: 100% Pima cotton, the softest tee you’ll ever have…

    Gracias and be “greedy go check out the entire collection!…hahahaha

  2. No problem.
    The shirts are great, so we figured it was a perfect topic for our blog…

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