Remember hearing the stories of Cinderella and Snow White when you were a child. Everyone knows how they end or do we?

Take a look at these classic beauties highlighted in a modern day setting as portrayed by Dina Goldstein – photographer extraordinaire.

Dina’s ongoing project was inspired by the observation of three-year-old girls who were developing an interest in Disney’s Fairy tales.

I’d like to see what Goldstein will do with The Little Mermaid. Guess we don’t get to live so happily ever after…Let’s just hope that Disney isn’t watching. We know how protective they can be of their image especially when they are constantly trying to sell us magical dreams.

“Fallen Princess” is set to be completed by October of this year. To see more images visit:

  1. Love, love, love the idea of this! Wish I’d have thought of it. 😉

  2. I loved MOST of the images….
    there were however some that were just lacking depth to them…

    Did you see the Rapunzel image? What were your thoughts?

  3. Leo says:

    Growing up with Disney movies was the most misleading lesson of my life. As a designer, I love it when someone uses communication to deconstruct what we know and ultimately bring new meaning to what we thought we knew.

  4. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  5. greycellsinxs says:

    love this thought

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