michael jackson – an iconic brand

Posted: June 26, 2009 by passionateleader in culture, Emotions, Entertainment, Fashion, History, image, Music, People
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While some may be tired of all the news coverage from the death of MJ one can’t help but wonder about the magnitude of this person. So much as Michael was an actual person today we wanted to share with you some of the things the make Michael an icon brand that may never ever be duplicated.

The following are pictures that we released for the auction of his private collection.

Very interesting things…not to mention the fact that there are other brands and images that whether they like it or not will somehow always share a correlation with MJ; for example, Peter Pan and Neverland.

Today we salute the passing of an icon.

  1. Ghanaba says:

    People may have some question of MJ, but there is no question of his iconic stature. Although he is gone, he lives on in the minds of people.

  2. espader says:

    I would say fanatic brand. Like those few cases that we can see in advertising where the brand don´t need to advertise itself, because their product is just saying everything about the culture and the values behind them. And whatever they do (even if it´s “wrong”)people will still love it. Like Apple. Like Maradona. Like the fact that girls love bad boys. Or boys like beautiful girls even though they are stupid. (Just a thought).

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