Vinyl Records are making a comeback?

Apparently it’s true, thanks to Rhea Jeong’s Void LP player. Pretty neat right?

The innovative LP player is a self-sufficient speaker, and is accompanied with an amp and needle (the red ball). The magnetic saucer then levitates the vinyl record, and voila – you can play your old Pink Floyd and Queen records.

I know what your thinking…vinly? Seriously?

Well, anything is possible. I mean, the 80’s are back, Michael Jackson is topping the charts once again. And people are buying his CD’s and LP’s like there is no tomorrow. So okay, maybe…

As for us, kudos to the designer but we’ll pass on this one. Instead we’ll wait for Cloud, the magnetically levitating sofa (it’s still a concept, but you better believe we’ll be buying it).

  1. workaholic says:

    thats amazing!

    I agree that couch looks amazing. I just hope it can hold my weight

  2. Leo says:

    I will totally rock my vinyls! The only thing that made me cringed: you thought paper cuts were bad…

  3. xjenjen69x says:


    I love love love love love love that couch!

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