And you thought blowing bubbles couldn’t get any better. As a child, life’s simplest form of entertainment just got a little bit more colorful.

Presenting Zubbles!

After nearly four years of wait, Zubbles just launched this past June. What is it you ask?

Using special dyes, Zubbles allows bubbles to be rich in color. You can select from either red or blue. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely considering purchasing a few – for um…my cousins! Okay, truth be told, I want to try this for myself.

But seriously, in this day and age you would think someone would have already created something so simple. So, thanks Tim Kehoe – creator of Zubbles – for such a simple and innovative product. The future generations of children will look back one day and never even realized that we went so long with out color bubbles.

Oh and the best part of it all, Zubbles doesn’t stain. Check them out at

  1. trackingback – bubbles – nope zubbles… trackingback – bubbles – nope zubbles…

  2. Awesome.

    Thanks for checking us out. Make sure to keep visiting.

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