August 10, 2009

First day on the job, not having spent more than two minutes in the office, I’m greeted by two individuals who are having a Michael Jackson dance off. It was halfway through the song that I realized that the two impeccable MJ impersonators were none other than Manuel Wernicky – President of Adrenalina and Michelle Maldonado – VP of Talent, Culture and Communication. (Michelle won that round…sorry Manuel). It was within those first few minutes, watching Michelle moon-walking out of the office, that I knew that my internship at Adrenalina was going to be a somewhat magical and eventful experience.

Taking on the role of executive assistant at Adrenalina has turned out to be the single greatest learning experience of my life. First, being an “intern” at Adrenalina is unlike any other job I’ve ever had. Don’t expect to get anyone’s coffee. Everyone here is capable of doing that on their own. Instead, you’re told to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. I was asked to help gather material for multi-million dollar clients and for new business pitches. I wasn’t asked to type memos. Instead, I was tasked with helping to build the company’s social media presence. My final evaluation wasn’t contingent on whether or not I could make restaurant reservations – it’s was based on how well I was able to work with a team to analyze a current problem and present the recommendations of a new market approach for a major company.

Being an Adrenalino – as we like to call ourselves – isn’t about being another person added to the payroll, it’s about being family. Everyone is here to support and mentor each other. Working with the Adrenalinos has taught me many things I could have never learned from books or in the classroom. Here hard work never goes unnoticed, and neither does a mediocre attempt. Within ten weeks, I have grown professionally and personally. The knowledge I’ve gained here will now serve to fuel a newly discovered passion – advertising and marketing. Truly, I believe, when I look back, this will be one of those defining moments people always talk about.

So I’ll end saying “thank you.” Thanks to all the Adrenalinos. Though you may not know this, all of you have made a significant impact on my life. Cue the hallmark channel music…here come the tears ☺

Forever an Adrenalino,

Sebastian Cortes – Executive Assistant

  1. Michelle Maldonado says:

    We were blessed to have you as part of our team, Sebastian. May our lucky stars continue to shine bright when bringing new talent into the agency. Can’t wait to see you in a cap and gown. Have a great school year!

  2. Millicent says:

    We miss you already roomie…

  3. Leo says:

    If you were the one in charge of updating the blog, Idolo! You’ll def be k.

  4. Jules says:

    Hey Kiddo! We miss you… we all talk about what an amazing person you are… smart, funny, smiley and cute…

    Good luck in school and keep in touch…

    We hope to see you soon!

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