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Since news broke of his extramarital affairs, Tiger Woods’ face and name have become synonymous with the phrase “what not to do if you’re a superstar billionaire athlete”.

Sponsors have jumped ship, the PGA tour audience and endorsers are eroding; now, the biggest question in Tiger’s life is not which club is going to get him on the green, but whether or not his illustrious career will be able to make it out of the rough.

The answer to this question is in the hands, or should I say clubs, of Tiger Woods.  He is one of the greatest athletes of our time and has unmatched star power; he not only broke records but also tumbled that pesky color barrier in golf as well. Not too shabby for a confessed adulterer.

Tiger will undoubtedly return to golf, and with a vengeance.  Anyone who can play (and win) at Torrey Pines with multiple torn ligaments in their knee–that required immediate surgery–is definitely a champion and won’t subside, no matter what the obstacle.

So, the billion dollar question is: when Tiger returns, will the endorsements follow?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has faced challenges in the past.

Even fickle marketers know a champion when they see one and while Tiger’s image is no longer immaculate, his abilities on the golf course will be, and always have been, his saving grace.

Ask Kobe Bryant, who after being accused of sexual assault, returned to the NBA to win a championship and now commands the best team in the NBA.

Both athletes have had sponsors jump ship in the midst of their crises, but as long as Tiger wins–and win he will–his reputation as a phenomenal athlete will remain intact, and after all, wasn’t that Tiger’s biggest asset to begin with?

adrenalina intern

how I do...

I won’t lie. My first day at Adrenalina was stressful and quite intimidating.

I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to survive, but I did. And now, I’m not even out of the office yet and I already miss it! From the hugs in the morning, to the quick deadlines, and to the nerve-wracking presentations we had to do in front of Manuel, I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything.

Every day was a learning experience! The people here are amazing and you can really tell that they give a *F!@%* about their job, seriously. At Adrenalina there’s no such thing as getting lost in the mix because everyone really is on a unified front to do great work and make an impact.

They say that I joined the team at a rather unique time for Adrenalina. A lot of opportunities started opening up and everyone was face deep in new ventures. As an intern, this was quite the sight and a crazy ride that I wasn’t sure I was prepared for.

Just think, on my first day I was given a bunch of research to do and was told that I needed to present it – not just to the creative and strategy team – but also to the president of the agency. Did I mention the presentation had to be ready in less that a week!

I’ll admit, there were moments where I might have stressed out a bit too much, but looking back even the negative feelings made my experience that much more enjoyable. I guess you could say that I have changed a lot in the past three months, both personally and professionally – and it’s all for the better.

And if by any chance you’re reading this because you’re thinking about interning at Adrenalina, do it! Never did I imagine that as an intern I would be given the opportunity to do even half the things that I’ve done in the mere three months I’ve spent here. But I know what you’re thinking, “won’t I go hungry if I’m just an intern?” Guess again. Cupcakes for breakfast, Thanksgiving leftovers, international candies, and even cake with little plastic babies in them – only a fraction of what Adrenalina has to offer!

~ Andrea

Hip-hop is doing its part to assist quake ravaged Haiti. Leading DMV (DC – Maryland – Virginia) artists Wale, Tabi, Raheem DeVaughn, Phil Ade and XO put on a ‘DMV Helps Haiti’ benefit concert at DC’s 9:30 Club on Monday and will be at Howard University tonight.

It is great to see hip-hop artists using their talents to help the world, especially artists who get a bad rap for bad rap. But, not everyone thinks hip-hop has done enough to help Haiti.

However, as Wale has shown the hip-hop world is slowly mobilizing, one beat at a time.

Haiti Relief 9:30 Club Concert from Jaime Aquino on Vimeo.

For those not in the Howard University area there are other great opportunities to donate and get some good music in return.

Human rights organizations like UNICEF are good with creating commercials that resonate with peoples’ emotions. These messages usually give us a sense of deep pity and discomfort, and can at times serve as the extra nudge needed to motivate one to action.

Now, Amnesty International Venezuela is trying to draw on a similar set of emotions; that of fear, pain, and suffering. Last month Amnesty released “Rightholders” – a commercial/video spot that hopefully will shed some light on the issue of Human Rights and the abuse many citizens around the world are encountering.

The overall message that Amnesty is trying to convey is simple. Its call to action is for more people to join the already 2.2 million plus volunteer force. By joining the force, you “help build pressure for change” against rights abuses such as domestic violence and police stop and search without reasonable suspicion.

But what’s even more interesting is why would a human rights organization such as Amnesty selected a creative agency like Leo Burnett Venezuela?

Actually, it seems to flow with Leo Burnett’s way of thinking: to look through the lens of human kind.

This particular perspective took six different directors. Just goes to show how difficult and exhausting it is to understand, capture, and correctly portray the emotions of the helpless victims. The spot ends with a loud thud saying “we work for those who know more about human rights: those who don’t have any”.

Talk about ending with a bang … literally.

Mini Redesign

The New Mini Beachcomer

Moke Military Truck

Moke Military Truck

Is it summer yet?

These long, cold New York winters are making all of us long for the beaches and vacations that summer brings. Didn’t most of you head south for the Holidays? Yes, but that only wet the appetite. Today we’ve been scoping out our newest object of desire as she romps down the beach topless. No, the SI swimsuit issue didn’t launch early. We’re lusting over Mini’s new BeachComber concept that was unveiled this week at the Detroit Auto Show. It’s based off of the new Mini Crossover which is a pretty cool new toy in its own right. They also used the old Moke military truck (if you can call it a truck) for inspiration.

Honestly, there’s no big revelation here, we just thought it was cool and we’re inspired by Mini’s out of the box thinking. Check it out, if enough buzz is generated for the Mini Beachcomer  it might actually see the light of day (preferably in mid June).

Saw this last week and couldn’t stop watching it. This proves once again that anything that is worth viewing has to provoke some sort of emotion. In this case “Alma”  – which is a terrific five-minute animated film about a creepy doll shop definitely sparks my curiosity. Interesting how this sense of outright creepiness has surrounded many dolls, let’s not forget about the Chucky character in the 90’s.

This animated short is phenomenal and we hope you enjoy just watching it.

In early America, the question of whether or not displaced immigrants were true citizens was settled with swords and axes. Today, it’s settled with words and excuses that are equally painful but entertaining nonetheless.


bill the butcher

Immigration has been a political red herring since Native Americans were called Indians and tea tasted better in harbors. Little has changed today.

Let’s see, according to FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration is responsible for: urban sprawl, unemployment, wage depression, inefficiency, housing problems, health-care woes and…crime.

I wish the cure to all of these social ailments was one tangible thing like illegal immigration, but we all know video games are responsible for crime and unemployment was created by the NFL.

Illegal immigration presents problems, but it’s not this doom day scenario that most make it to be. Here’s the real challenge, instead of polarizing the issue and dividing the country, why don’t try to find some middle ground?

Immigrants helped the North gain victory in the civil war and today the sons and daughters of immigrants have enlisted in droves to fight America’s last two wars (or conflicts…whatever the preferred nomenclature). Yet, immigration is still seen as a threat to the American way of life?  Bill the Butcher, the American anti-immigration hero offers a very interesting perspective:

A real native is someone who is willing to die fighting for his country. There’s nothing more to it.