amensty, human rights and leo burnett venezuela – what gives?

Posted: January 20, 2010 by passionateleader in commercials, Creative, Emotions, Marketing, People, Videos
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Human rights organizations like UNICEF are good with creating commercials that resonate with peoples’ emotions. These messages usually give us a sense of deep pity and discomfort, and can at times serve as the extra nudge needed to motivate one to action.

Now, Amnesty International Venezuela is trying to draw on a similar set of emotions; that of fear, pain, and suffering. Last month Amnesty released “Rightholders” – a commercial/video spot that hopefully will shed some light on the issue of Human Rights and the abuse many citizens around the world are encountering.

The overall message that Amnesty is trying to convey is simple. Its call to action is for more people to join the already 2.2 million plus volunteer force. By joining the force, you “help build pressure for change” against rights abuses such as domestic violence and police stop and search without reasonable suspicion.

But what’s even more interesting is why would a human rights organization such as Amnesty selected a creative agency like Leo Burnett Venezuela?

Actually, it seems to flow with Leo Burnett’s way of thinking: to look through the lens of human kind.

This particular perspective took six different directors. Just goes to show how difficult and exhausting it is to understand, capture, and correctly portray the emotions of the helpless victims. The spot ends with a loud thud saying “we work for those who know more about human rights: those who don’t have any”.

Talk about ending with a bang … literally.

  1. surelys says:

    It is interesting to select a Venezuelan agency to create such a commercial. I wonder if it even appeared, unedited, in Venezuela? Would the agency or its creators risk real persecution?

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