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There has been a lot of talk in politics and the scientific community about the human effect on the Earth’s climate – greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, etc. However, there is one stone that seems to be unturned in the debate about what is causing the earth and it’s many species to decline.

Well, it’s simple…sex, romping, humping, or banging. (Yeah, there are a hundred different ways to say it)

In hopes of raising awareness around this issue, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is distributing 100,000 condoms around a new campaign that features endangered animals such as Polar Bear, Jaguar, Frog, and Burying Beetle that are on the brink of extinction due to human over-population.

The issue isn’t the easiest to address, many are offended and see the stance as anti-human, so the campaign uses cheeky messages like “Wrap with care, save the polar bear” to get people to understand the impact that one night of lovemaking will have on the rest of the planet.

While it does a good job of presenting the issue in a lighthearted non-anti-human way, the campaign may not be targeting the proper audience.

Overall, the messages are entertaining and a bit humorous. The cause is definitely a worthy one, but we seriously doubt these condoms will deter any human reproduction but, hey…what do we know.


snow day nyc

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Adrenalian Office Outlook

Snow Day NYC

Have you ever noticed that from about 6 stories up people carrying umbrellas in the snow look like they’re collecting snow? Just a random observation from the conference room this morning.

All the adrenalinos are scattered from Jersey to Connecticut yet we all trumped through the snow into work this morning.

Remember having snow days? Over a million public school students are home enjoying a day off. Who are we kidding, we know they’re out shopping.

The last two days all we’ve heard is news about the snow storm along with train delays and changed bus routes. Despite all of it, we’re here together and having or at least trying to have a decent Friday. How are you spending your snow day?

shopping within the reach of a click

personal stylist on your iphone

Where are all my fashionista lovers…

Okay, so how many of you are guilty of just browsing the ad pages of a magazine?

I know I am. So, it should come as no surprise that when I saw this pretty cool new application (Vogue Stylist) for the iPhone released by Vogue – featured on Wall Street Journal – I had to check it out.

Great, as if I needed any more reasons to spend money, Vogue is going to make it easier for someone like to me to make online purchases.

The days of window shopping or just browsing magazine ads are over. With the Vogue Stylist application you’ll now be able to browse merchandise featured in the magazine and wait…it get’s better, you’ll have the ability to purchase it, all within a couple of clicks – or finger taps.

This thing could get dangerous for all us emotional and impulse buyers.

Download the application and check out this video. It gives a quick highlight of the app. Let us know what you think.

Risque French Smoking Campaign

French Ad Campaign - Shock the smoking out of you

Yesterday the New York Times published an article about a recent campaign aimed to get youth to stop smoking, created by French advertisement agency – BDDP & Fils.

The ad features a side shot of a torso belonging to an older man who is pushing down the head of a young teenage girl with a cigarette in her mouth. The cigarette is positioned crudely at the man’s crotch.

Marco de la Fuente – vice president of BDDP & Fils stated that the campaign was designed to show that smoking is “flirt[ing] with danger” and is an act of “submission.”

Call it shock advertising, but this ad seems to walk a fine line between an oral sex innuendo and smoking?

While we are all pretty used to seeing sexy women next to cars, and magazine pages filled with half naked women to promote fashion brands, this perhaps is taking the concept of “sex sells” too far.

The campaign is already drawing some negative remarks. Feminist groups state that the ads “trivializes sexual abuse” and “implies guilt on the part of the abused.” And, Florence Montreynaud, the president of La Meute des Chiennes de Garde (the Pack of Female Watchdogs), declared that, “It’s a poverty of imagination. When people have no ideas, they use female bodies.”

What’s pretty interesting is that I’ve witnessed this first hand in my travels abroad in Europe, where, especially in the Eastern countries, objectifying women and subjecting them as sexual objects in advertising is not new and perfectly normal.

While we can look at these sort of ad campaigns and start accusing Europeans of being sexist pigs, we have to remember to take a step back and look at these things through a cultural lens.

Maybe the French are okay with it…who knows, it does makes you wonder, will this risqué campaign be effective?

lady gaga - social marketing guru

lady gaga breakthrough marketing artist

And the award goes to Lady Gaga!

Today I walked into the office to find a copy of the Advertising Age – Annual Digital Issue. Splashed on the cover is a poster size image of Lady Gaga with a bold side caption that states: “This is the New Face of Social-Media Marketing”

I quickly turned to the article to read it…not only because I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan (yes, I have both albums), but also because marketing is my profession. Not to mention that I was curious to see what Ad Age had to say regarding her and social media.

Honestly, I agree – but I think Ad Age and many marketing gurus are a bit behind in this discovery. There is no ground breaking news here, at least not to me.

From the beginning, Gaga has been using social media to reach out to her fans and also to build a bigger audience. One of the first examples of this was when Lady Gaga started uploading documentary style videos on youtube that highlighted her performances and even random out-takes (and yes, I also subscribe to her channel). Now, I’m even following her on Twitter.

The thing that keeps me connecting to her in any way shape or form is that she comes across as very real. She’s not like many artist that distance themselves from their fans. Instead she is constantly looking for ways to connect with her followers all across the globe. Maybe this is the lesson that brands should take away from her example.

Lastly, while many critics will argue and say that WOM (word of mouth) is the main force behind Gaga and not social marketing alone – the only thing I’ll say about that is – have you seen any of Gaga’s interviews?

Lady Gaga is probably one of the few artist that understands the cultural ramifications of social media. This girl (no offense) gets it. She’s not just a creative genius, Lady Gaga is ridiculously business savvy. In the end, this is what’s going to make her more than just an artist. In the future, Gaga is going to become an iconic brand with many brand extensions that neither you or I have even thought about.

If you can’t view or read the article, just comment back and I’ll email it to you.

and why not…just for fun, I’ve uploaded a video of one of my favorite songs of the new album – Speechless

It has been quite the month for Google, shortly after announcing that they are going to enter the broadband internet industry, they unveiled Google Buzz; their answer to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

It was only a matter of time . Google has to maintain its status as a digital monolith, owning our digital lives from internet search to our conversations.

While Google’s foray into broadband is interesting, it will take some time to understand what that means for the rest of the industry.

Google Buzz, however, has the potential to be the centralized social networking tool without all the nonsensical apps and daily useless spam.

Google Buzz, how long will it stay Spam free?

What’s great about Google Buzz is its ability to centralize email, social networking, and news all in one convenient location. While Facebook is more robust, allowing you to tag photos, post videos or microblog your status, many people believe it is starting to become too cluttered with things that aren’t as relevant and in some cases even spam – thanks to the occasional idiotic hacker.

Additionally, Google Buzz has a seamless sharing system that is less about your personal thoughts and more about your personal web experience. While Facebook merges the two it’s starting to become a bit frustrating. Twitter focuses on personal thoughts and news content, and can become a bit overwhelming, Google Buzz may be the healthy balance of social networking.

One thing is for sure, as smartphones become increasingly tethered to our daily lives the need to cut the clutter and deliver the most relevant and interesting news both personal and professional is going to be crucial.


throwing rocks at toyotas - can the giant recover?

When we were younger, my friends and I had a long standing joke for things that were cheap and worthless, it was a statement actually, “throwing rocks at Pintos.”

While, I can’t account for the veracity of our theory, basically, if it was lame, boring, weak, garbage, or otherwise unworthy it was like throwing a rock at a pinto, in our minds we thought that’s all it would take to explode that unsafe lemon.

I couldn’t help recall this memory in light of Toyota’s recent woes. Last Friday, Akio Toyoda, grandson of Sakichi Toyoda (founder of present day Toyota), took to a press conference to formally apologize to all its consumers and stated that indeed the company was in trouble. This situation is definitely going to be a case study in crisis management for a brand that has long prided itself on quality control, and let’s face it – Saatchi – its agency will also be on the hot seat.

Due to a slow response, the company has now gone a PR blitz with its executives taking to the airwaves on America’s morning talking shows and social media such as youtube and twitter. Toyota even bought time on Super Bowl Sunday.

But is it too late?

The company is now set to testify before congress about what it knew and whether or not it acted accordingly.

Detroit is probably salivating at the fact that the Giant has finally shown signs that it is not indestructible as many once thought; not to mention that the U.S. car manufactures needed something to level the playing field again.

At least Toyota seems to have learned a valuable lesson in all this – never turn your brights on in the fog. You can’t see what’s in front.