will this be a blockbuster hit or flop? – “snapshot of america”

Posted: February 1, 2010 by atlasshoved in advertising, commercials, Engagement, Marketing
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Heralded as a genius to some and a big tall Swedish bird to others, Payton Schlewitt recently laid out his plans for a new film titled, “A Snapshot of America” in a new Youtube video:

The film’s goals are starkly similar to the US Census bureaus decennial effort to count every American household, mostly due to the fact that it is in fact part of the census bureaus $340 million dollar effort to raise aware of the 2010 Census.

The ad is the first of five commercials in an effort by lead agency DraftFCB/New York to get Americans to mail their census forms in this April. Actor Ed Begley Jr plays Payton Schlewitt, the ambitious director who is at the heart of the campaign story line.

But the question remains; will the $340 million in ad spending on local and national coverage ensure that the 2010 Census is a blockbuster hit, especially with the under-representation of minorities?

Allow yourself to be counted. Tell us what you think?

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