I don’t have to tell you the secret to Apple’s success: for anyone who has owned, held or seen an Apple device knows that they have a superior design ethic. So much has been said and written about Apple’s great design, but why hasn’t anyone been able to crack the code and seriously compete with the iPhone.

Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and RIM have all had their shot at the title, but the iPhone has continuously emerged the victor even in spite of AT&T’s notoriously bad coverage and customer service. The iPhone has been so dominant that Google has decided it wants to take on Apple in a David versus Goliath scenario. Google may rule the internet but they are a new comer to the telecomm industry.

The outcome of that confrontation is still in the making, but if you look at the present state of competition in the mobile industry you will see how it pays more to understand your consumer and the experiences they have with your products even if they are as innovative and ground breaking as the iPhone was and in many ways still is.

Mobile manufacturers do not seem to understand the importance of a great user experience. The iPhone undoubtedly is a handsome product but it’s superiority lies in the fact that Apple was able to recreate the internet experience on a mobile phone. Sounds simple, but keep in mind there was no other device that even remotely compares to the iPhone and that still stands to a degree.

The iPhone is not a mobile phone, it is an internet device. Other smart phones posses some of the design characteristics but they have failed miserably at the ability to recreate the experience of accessing the internet.

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