throwing rocks at toyotas - can the giant recover?

When we were younger, my friends and I had a long standing joke for things that were cheap and worthless, it was a statement actually, “throwing rocks at Pintos.”

While, I can’t account for the veracity of our theory, basically, if it was lame, boring, weak, garbage, or otherwise unworthy it was like throwing a rock at a pinto, in our minds we thought that’s all it would take to explode that unsafe lemon.

I couldn’t help recall this memory in light of Toyota’s recent woes. Last Friday, Akio Toyoda, grandson of Sakichi Toyoda (founder of present day Toyota), took to a press conference to formally apologize to all its consumers and stated that indeed the company was in trouble. This situation is definitely going to be a case study in crisis management for a brand that has long prided itself on quality control, and let’s face it – Saatchi – its agency will also be on the hot seat.

Due to a slow response, the company has now gone a PR blitz with its executives taking to the airwaves on America’s morning talking shows and social media such as youtube and twitter. Toyota even bought time on Super Bowl Sunday.

But is it too late?

The company is now set to testify before congress about what it knew and whether or not it acted accordingly.

Detroit is probably salivating at the fact that the Giant has finally shown signs that it is not indestructible as many once thought; not to mention that the U.S. car manufactures needed something to level the playing field again.

At least Toyota seems to have learned a valuable lesson in all this – never turn your brights on in the fog. You can’t see what’s in front.

  1. Newspapers says:

    It may but by Hard Work only….

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