It has been quite the month for Google, shortly after announcing that they are going to enter the broadband internet industry, they unveiled Google Buzz; their answer to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

It was only a matter of time . Google has to maintain its status as a digital monolith, owning our digital lives from internet search to our conversations.

While Google’s foray into broadband is interesting, it will take some time to understand what that means for the rest of the industry.

Google Buzz, however, has the potential to be the centralized social networking tool without all the nonsensical apps and daily useless spam.

Google Buzz, how long will it stay Spam free?

What’s great about Google Buzz is its ability to centralize email, social networking, and news all in one convenient location. While Facebook is more robust, allowing you to tag photos, post videos or microblog your status, many people believe it is starting to become too cluttered with things that aren’t as relevant and in some cases even spam – thanks to the occasional idiotic hacker.

Additionally, Google Buzz has a seamless sharing system that is less about your personal thoughts and more about your personal web experience. While Facebook merges the two it’s starting to become a bit frustrating. Twitter focuses on personal thoughts and news content, and can become a bit overwhelming, Google Buzz may be the healthy balance of social networking.

One thing is for sure, as smartphones become increasingly tethered to our daily lives the need to cut the clutter and deliver the most relevant and interesting news both personal and professional is going to be crucial.

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