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And the award goes to Lady Gaga!

Today I walked into the office to find a copy of the Advertising Age – Annual Digital Issue. Splashed on the cover is a poster size image of Lady Gaga with a bold side caption that states: “This is the New Face of Social-Media Marketing”

I quickly turned to the article to read it…not only because I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan (yes, I have both albums), but also because marketing is my profession. Not to mention that I was curious to see what Ad Age had to say regarding her and social media.

Honestly, I agree – but I think Ad Age and many marketing gurus are a bit behind in this discovery. There is no ground breaking news here, at least not to me.

From the beginning, Gaga has been using social media to reach out to her fans and also to build a bigger audience. One of the first examples of this was when Lady Gaga started uploading documentary style videos on youtube that highlighted her performances and even random out-takes (and yes, I also subscribe to her channel). Now, I’m even following her on Twitter.

The thing that keeps me connecting to her in any way shape or form is that she comes across as very real. She’s not like many artist that distance themselves from their fans. Instead she is constantly looking for ways to connect with her followers all across the globe. Maybe this is the lesson that brands should take away from her example.

Lastly, while many critics will argue and say that WOM (word of mouth) is the main force behind Gaga and not social marketing alone – the only thing I’ll say about that is – have you seen any of Gaga’s interviews?

Lady Gaga is probably one of the few artist that understands the cultural ramifications of social media. This girl (no offense) gets it. She’s not just a creative genius, Lady Gaga is ridiculously business savvy. In the end, this is what’s going to make her more than just an artist. In the future, Gaga is going to become an iconic brand with many brand extensions that neither you or I have even thought about.

If you can’t view or read the article, just comment back and I’ll email it to you.

and why not…just for fun, I’ve uploaded a video of one of my favorite songs of the new album – Speechless

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