shopping within the reach of a click

personal stylist on your iphone

Where are all my fashionista lovers…

Okay, so how many of you are guilty of just browsing the ad pages of a magazine?

I know I am. So, it should come as no surprise that when I saw this pretty cool new application (Vogue Stylist) for the iPhone released by Vogue – featured on Wall Street Journal – I had to check it out.

Great, as if I needed any more reasons to spend money, Vogue is going to make it easier for someone like to me to make online purchases.

The days of window shopping or just browsing magazine ads are over. With the Vogue Stylist application you’ll now be able to browse merchandise featured in the magazine and wait…it get’s better, you’ll have the ability to purchase it, all within a couple of clicks – or finger taps.

This thing could get dangerous for all us emotional and impulse buyers.

Download the application and check out this video. It gives a quick highlight of the app. Let us know what you think.

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