There has been a lot of talk in politics and the scientific community about the human effect on the Earth’s climate – greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, etc. However, there is one stone that seems to be unturned in the debate about what is causing the earth and it’s many species to decline.

Well, it’s simple…sex, romping, humping, or banging. (Yeah, there are a hundred different ways to say it)

In hopes of raising awareness around this issue, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is distributing 100,000 condoms around a new campaign that features endangered animals such as Polar Bear, Jaguar, Frog, and Burying Beetle that are on the brink of extinction due to human over-population.

The issue isn’t the easiest to address, many are offended and see the stance as anti-human, so the campaign uses cheeky messages like “Wrap with care, save the polar bear” to get people to understand the impact that one night of lovemaking will have on the rest of the planet.

While it does a good job of presenting the issue in a lighthearted non-anti-human way, the campaign may not be targeting the proper audience.

Overall, the messages are entertaining and a bit humorous. The cause is definitely a worthy one, but we seriously doubt these condoms will deter any human reproduction but, hey…what do we know.

  1. thejourneywithnoend says:

    great point. Another thought how about those that are raping and taking advantage of children..that should be another big focus if…humans are the cause of the demise of the world.
    Good thoughts….

  2. Hey Journey…we agree, completely worthy cause. Let’s hope we’re not too late

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