How do you make a cultural, political and environmental statement using the logos of 3,000 high-powered brands without having a slew of lawyers following you to the bathroom?

I wish I had an answer, especially after Logorama managed to do that very thing and actually covet an Oscar for Best Animated Short on Sunday night.

It took three directors six years and 3,000 brand logos to create, and while the story itself isn’t riveting the fact that the entire movie is one giant commercial for modern consumer culture is unsettling to some, and outright impressive to others.

The idea that every aspect of our lives is becoming commercialized is nothing new, but what Logorama is most successful at is communicating the way branding has become such a pervasive aspect of the way we relate to the world. Without that pervasiveness, Logorama would be an obscurity, but because it is true the movie was able to garner a much deserved Oscar.


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