From Brooklyn to Queens, from minicakes to mancakes the baking biz is suddenly a very cool trade here in NYC.

It’s true that every city has their dinosaurs, Magnolia in New York City has been around forever (1996 is forever right?) and it seems inevitable that Sprinkles will open up here soon enough (womp womp), but it’s the up-and-comers, the diamonds in the rough that capture our hearts. Why?

Well, it’s the same reason that DJ’s can endlessly comb through records, it’s why grown men will flock to a tiny gym in Akron, Ohio to see a 15 year old play basketball (Lebron James), and it’s the same reason that causes like Invisible Children spread like wild fire.

As people, we yearn for discovery. Like new world explorers, we want to uncover hidden treasures before anyone else. We desire to be a part of things that are bigger than ourselves, but we also want to feel like we’re playing a role. It makes it more “auténtico” (authentic) and gives meaning to our lives.

At Adrenalina, every Tuesday of the week is now know as “cake Tuesday” thanks to our very own baker – Taraneh Annise’s – founder of I like Cake. It seems like it was just yesterday that she brought us one of her very own creations. We were celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday. That single cake changed our lives and shortly after we couldn’t get enough. We were requesting a cake every week and she was happy to oblige.

Now I like Cake is on a roll and she’s creating completely new treats. One of our faves is her very own “Kupkie,” which is a cupcake. with a cookie base (its really yummy). She has different flavors and variations, but we’ve got a major sweet tooth for the peanut butter cookie and chocolate cake topping.

chocolate cupcake with a cookie

Kupkie to die for

Check out  I Like Cake on Facebook and if you want to discover something new, give Tareneh a call. You taste buds will thank you for it.


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