“JetBlue is doing what?”
“They’re giving away free tickets in New York today.”
“(brisk walk back around the corner) They’re what?
“Giving out free tickets!”

This was a random conversation that took place at our offices last week. And, just like that the “lucky 7” from the adrenalinos made it to the JetBlue Blog. The End.


Ok it’s not really the end. What JetBlue did last week on Wednesday was awesome, and not just because 7 of us got free flights (well, I mean it doesn’t hurt) to any of their destinations. Yes that also includes Costa Rica.

This is how it went down…so, a group of us we’re lunch when we got the Tweet stating that JetBlue was in the area. We literally made a mad dash to get those tickets.

It was one hell of a scene, but was it effective?

Well, some critics will be quick to point out that JetBlue’s 10th anniversary celebration was narrowly focused, in fact you could argue that focusing on only ONE of its 60 destinations would be the equivalent of a tree falling in the woods. And if you’re one of those people then you, my friend, would be wrong.

The last time we checked JetBlue had 1,604,560 followers on Twitter and we can only imagine that it had a few thousand fewer beforehand. In that time JB gave out 1,000 free plane tickets and created a shark-like frenzy in three strategic locations in Manhattan it had gained an additional 4,000 extra eyes on Twitter. Not to mention the 1,000 new loyal customers who will be flying in the next year (most of which won’t be alone).

Based on these measures, we stamp this a success.

The way that they leveraged social media not only is generating buzz but also is helping to gain new customers. Times are tough, and instead of charging extra fees, JetBlue is giving away flights to consumers.

Just awesome. Now we’re just trying to figure out where to go.


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