Cause marketing is nothing new (there’s even a section on Wikipedia). It’s become an almost necessary piece to the marketing puzzle for many major corporations. Some good examples are Pepsi Refresh and Live Positively by Coca-Cola.

But what happens when you go even farther and make your stores into awareness centers, and your employees into educators?

Body Shop Social Marketing Cause

Body Shop Social Awareness Campaign

On Wednesday a couple of us walked by wild postings claiming “Slavery wasn’t abolished in 1865.” It definitely caught our attention. But what made it more interesting was the logo The Body Shop on there. What gives?

Well The Body Shop apparently is going all out to raise awareness on really taboo issues such as child trafficking, prostitution, and pornography. We know, these issues aren’t necessarily topics many people want to, or are even talking about. But seeing their logo on those posters does make it a little bit more palatable. At least to some it will.

Interestingly enough, The body Shop isn’t sponsoring ads on out-of-home posters They’re really going to put some muscle behind this issue to really generate some change. The Body Shop is also going to sell several products whose proceeds are going to be donated to the Somaly Mam Foundation. And, that’s just the beginning because The Body Shop also wants its employees to become ambassadors and talk authoritatively about the issue. Now that’s what we call taking it to the next level.

In a time where everyone is trying to support a cause so they they can squeeze an extra dime out of the sympathetic consumer, The Body Shop is authentically pursing a cause that they’re passionate about. It’s certainly nice to see, even if the cause is a bit difficult to swallow.


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