So, last week the new U by Kotex campaign “Break the Cycle” was launched. Don’t know if many of you had the chance to see it given all the news worthy stuff going on, such as health care reform and Sandra Bullock’s marital woes. So we decided to share it with you and also with the office especially because majority of the Adrenalinos – just so happen to be males.

The responses we got were definitely mixed and ranged anywhere from: “Why is this being shared?“ to “Do women really feel like dancing by the third day?”

So, in hopes of addressing some of these questions…this is all I have to say: It’s about time the femcare category evolve from the way it has communicated with female (consumers) for the past 50 years. I mean, come on! It’s frustrating to see that the networks and brands refuse to air commercials if it mentions the word “vagina” or even “down there.”

Seriously, aren’t we in the 21st century. Why not use the language that most women use?

Finally, for all my male collegues…let me just say this: No, women don’t feel like dancing in slow-mo or wearing white spandex during those or any other days of the month. Hope you enjoy this ad as much as we did.


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