Can you define ChatRoulette?

Go ahead we’d love to hear your definition. Our guess is that if you ask ten random people you’d get a lot of puzzled looks and ten different answers. Not to mention questions such as How do you use it? What is it used for?

But that’s what’s so great about new media channels. When they first came out, it’s so hard to define them because you never know how users will interact with them or what they’re online experience is going to be like. And this was no different for Facebook and even Twitter. How many people could explain Twitter when it first came out?

For some, Twitter, could have been a 140 character blog. Yet, for others, it could have been a mass text message, and or a way to “stalk” celebs. Basically, every definition was based on how the individual was able to relate to the product. And while Twitter has change a bit and will continue to evolve all these definitions will still remain true while taking on new definitions.

So, where does ChatRoulette stand in the social networking sphere? We’ll leave that answer to you, but the only thing that is certain is that if you’d try giving this chat a whirl you’re definitely going to see some dudes letting it all hang out (or worse).



For now we’ll just keep browsing and chatting with strangers like that stone cold Russian dude bumping the techno. You know who you are.

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