Emily Richmond - Kickstarter.com

Emily Richmond - Kickstarter.com

This is Emily Richmond – filmmaker and sailor who has circumnavigated the globe, and she’s 24. How, you might ask does a young artist afford to pursue such a grand and expensive passion?

The answer is old school, but in a very cool and new school way.

Fundraising has been around forever. It’s how Columbus was able to pursue his journey of discovering the Americas, and it’s how organizations like Charity Water are able to provide clean water for thousands.

The only problem with fundraising is that its mostly limited to a small network of friends and family, and their connections.

But all this has now changed. KickStarter.com is how Emily is fundraising for her latest voyage. It’s taking the playbook from micro-lending and transforming it into macro-fundraising, or crowd funding as KickStarter calls it. The idea is such a subtle and simple shift from organizations like Kiva.org that it’s both ingenious and leaves us scratching our heads thinking, “why the hell didn’t I think of that?!?”

It’s awesome.

Here’s how it works. Anyone, like Emily Richmond, can log into kickstarter.com and create a profile for their cause, adventure, project, or other great idea. They simply set a goal and a deadline for reaching it, and wha la!

Complete strangers can donate and become part of the project. The keys to successfully raising funds, as outlined by founder Perry Chen, are: be real, have a clear goal, offer fun rewards, show you can execute, involve the audience and spread the word. Sounds simple enough, right?

If nothing else, it’s a chance to start a project you’ve always dreamt of. You know the one you’re thinking about right now.

  1. ryan says:

    This is a great post… However, I just want to point out that crowd-funding isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m trying to raise money for the printing of a series of art books (worldoflil.com) for toddlers to help them build cognitive skills – and once you tap your family and friends the big challenge is – how do i get anyone not associated with me already to jump in? Or even to become aware of the project. Questions such as this need to be answered before you start your raise… I tried to do this to the best of my ability and am still only 1/3 raised with about 35 days to go via kickstarter.

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