Are social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and all the other various sites hurting America’s youth?

Over the past week we’ve seen an increase in coverage over cyberbullying; kids and mothers bullying each other and even some cases of children committing suicide all because young people take to social media sites to express their every negative opinion.

Well a New Jersey principal has had enough and now he’s calling all parents to take action. He’s belief is that junior high students and for that matter, many young people do not belong on social networking sites. He argues that they are not emotional ready to cope with the back lash.

But what about all the parents who aren’t willing to take action due to peer pressure…we know many parent’s nowadays let their children do or participate in many activities simply because they don’t want their children left out of the inner circle – you know, the ones who are cool because they do and know about everything.

So if parents are willing to step in, should the companies like Facebook set up barriers in order to prohibit young children from creating profiles?

Tell us what you think…

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