It seems like Starbucks is back on a roll these days. They’ve recently launch their new instant brand – Via – exposing and making the brand available to millions of consumers.

And it seems there’s no stopping them as they are placing a bigger emphases on mobile and social media nowadays.

Not to long ago Starbucks launched its highly reviewed iPod application. Now their taking it a step farther with their Facebook application.

Loyal customers will now have the ability to shop for gift cards out of retail locations. Thanks to the new FB applicatioin users can load cash onto their virtual (mobile) cards, or charge up their plastic ones. Customers can even charge up a friends card.

We love to see how brands are adapting to the reality of integrated social media, driving sales into their brick and mortar stores, as well as in their digital spaces. This is a company to watch for more innovation.

  1. steven paul says:

    amazing! The next thing will be a spout on your smart phone for decaf and another for regular!

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  3. regina says:

    intergration is good as long as it doesnt contain additional calories…lol

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