Ever wondered what happen to the good ol days when you actually heard the newest and latest music tracks…on the radio,

Then it seem that this all changed with the internet and the creation of ipods. We became a society that didn’t need the radio as we now had the power of music at our disposal.

But let’s be honest, something was lost, as people tuned in so much to their individual iPod playlist they lost a connection with today’s artist and music.

There is something nostalgic about listening to the radio and that’s why we have places like Pandora and Grooveshark.  But, the world of online radio is about to get just a bit better with iHeartRadio.

Very similar to other online radio players iHeartRadio let’s you pick the kind of music that you want to listen to. What’s makes iHeartRadio different is that it synchronizes live streams from all Clear Channel radio stations that are broadcasting live.

If that’s not reason enough, iHeartRadio isn’t just restricted to online. You can take iHeartRadio on the go with any mobile smart phone. It’s available on iphones, blackberrys and android phones.

Don’t know about you but we’ll definitely be tuning to iHeartRadio…


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