Personalize your own six pack

Personalize your own six pack

In today’s consumer market, people are demanding and expecting more interaction from their favorite brands.

In an attempt to satisfy that demand, Heinekin has rolled out a new internet application that lets you, the consumer, personalize a 6-pack of beer by choosing the bottle design, and posting text and a photo.

The site offers a nice selection of designs, and is quite fun to play around with. Unfortunately, for all you beer collectors out there, this service does not come free of charge. 😦

A personalized 6-pack will cost you a little bit more than $30 dollars. Regardless of the price, however, we think this new app is a great attempt at engaging consumers…not to mention, who doesn’t want to drink a beer with their picture on it. Maybe you might feel different after a couple six packs.

  1. Camila Buenavista says:

    this is totally awesome for my birthday party, personally i loved this add, thank you, now my birthday is compleated

  2. Katalina says:

    vos si sabes lo que es adrenalina. customize your drink? smart

  3. Susan Abramovitz says:

    too bad it doesnt apply in mexico, and btw good articles guys, and good promotion of it too 🙂

  4. silvia nicolletti says:

    best blog ever i definitely RT it. btw want that beer now!!!

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