quora question search engine

quora question search engine

Do you feel overwhelm by using “simple” search engines such as Google, Yahoo and now Bing?

Well the online world is about to become a little more complicated for some and maybe a little bit easier for others thank to, Quora, a new search engine.

Unlike the big players, such those mentioned above, Quora seems to think there is a market in collecting data that will enable people to either pose or answer questions. This could even be something as simple as asking for a recommendation on anything (the options are endless). It’s like a hybrid between online forums and search engines. The simple premise behind this business is that if you have a question…ask it, somebody else might have already asked the same exact question and who better to answer it – the online community of the world wide web.

While this new search engine is still in its infancy we’d be curious to see how brands will start to capitalize on such a service. Can you imagine asking for advice or suggestions and someone referring a specific brand. Nothing new, I know. But Quora may just become another outlet where like-minded individuals connect and engage each other.

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