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mobile advertising on license plates

ads on license plates

California, home of tech innovators such as Google and Apple, might start selling ad space on licence plates. An initiative the State hopes may help combat its $19 billion budget deficit.

The digital ads would run on electronic license plates, and would only be displayed if the car is not in motion for more than several seconds (e.g. at a traffic signal stop). While the vehicle is moving, the plates would feature a normal license number.

Although there are no location-based advertising plans as yet, there appears to be a potential for future software developers as it might fit seamlessly into this program.

Let’s see if this innovation can help the “Golden State” overcome its financial woes and move forward.


Is there anything that Super Shakira can’t do?

It seems that there is no stopping this grammy award singing artist, musician and composer.

This girl is bad ass, from starting her own foundation – Pies Descalzos – in her native land of Colombia to committing to use her lessons learned in order to build schools in Haiti after tragedy struck this poverty struken country.

Now she’s fighting a new battle that just started in the U.S. – immigration reform – as Arizona enacted a new immigration law.

As Shakira clearly points out under the current law if she was questioned about her status she could be arrested due to the fact that she doesn’t always carry identification on her.

We salute you Shakira, for taking a stand for your brand – this clearly let’s people all around the world know that you stand for fairness and justice. Congrats to you!

With so much cause-related marketing taking place nowadays we’re witnessing many companies and marketers raising awareness around social injustice and environmental issues.

Having said that we think it’s important to shed light on an important issue that is generating headlines and buzz in Arizona. It’s in regards to so called “immigration reform.” But what does this mean for a State that relies on immigrants to stimulate it’s economy?

Furthermore, should companies and or brands take a stand on such a hot topic?

racisim against mexicans, hispanics, latinos

Not serving spanish or mexicans

While many people are more familiar with racism and segregation against the African American community, many have no knowledge of the fact that Hispanics faced the same kind of adversities.

Last week, this image was shared by the Adrenalina president – Manuel Wernicky.

The picture itself is so strong that you don’t even need to describe it. All you have to do is read the statement and you automatically understand the cultural context behind it.

So the only question we have is how much has our society changed since then? Do you think people still harbor these sort of feelings and attitudes?

Advertising is a lot like war, in fact a lot of the terminology is very similar; you ‘target’ the consumer with a ‘campaign’ using ‘strategies’ and ‘tactics.’

And, just like warfare, in advertising you also have foxholes – that place where you go to in order to either fight or defend

For the past several months while an intern and later a full time employee at Adrenalina I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest people in my foxhole.

We’ve all sacrificed and fought diligently through the quick-time pace that comes with the new business pitch process, spent long hours searching for that small piece of insight (or intelligence as my military counter-parts would say), and did all this while maintaining some sort of sanity.

It wasn’t an easy task, but then again nothing worth fighting for is.

There’s a lot to be said about working with a phenomenal team. It’s definitely necessary and a vital ingredient to any successful business. However in advertising, where ideas are your product, you can’t afford to work with anyone that’s less than great.

Working at Adrenalina has been one of the greatest work experiences thus far; being in the trenches with such great people – the adrenalinos – is what has made a lasting impression on me not only as a professional but personally as well.

~ A.Men

In early America, the question of whether or not displaced immigrants were true citizens was settled with swords and axes. Today, it’s settled with words and excuses that are equally painful but entertaining nonetheless.


bill the butcher

Immigration has been a political red herring since Native Americans were called Indians and tea tasted better in harbors. Little has changed today.

Let’s see, according to FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration is responsible for: urban sprawl, unemployment, wage depression, inefficiency, housing problems, health-care woes and…crime.

I wish the cure to all of these social ailments was one tangible thing like illegal immigration, but we all know video games are responsible for crime and unemployment was created by the NFL.

Illegal immigration presents problems, but it’s not this doom day scenario that most make it to be. Here’s the real challenge, instead of polarizing the issue and dividing the country, why don’t try to find some middle ground?

Immigrants helped the North gain victory in the civil war and today the sons and daughters of immigrants have enlisted in droves to fight America’s last two wars (or conflicts…whatever the preferred nomenclature). Yet, immigration is still seen as a threat to the American way of life?  Bill the Butcher, the American anti-immigration hero offers a very interesting perspective:

A real native is someone who is willing to die fighting for his country. There’s nothing more to it.

This made some headlines last week as Shakira joined the prestigious list of actors, writers, film stars, musicians, celebrities and politicians who have spoken at Oxford University.

We decided to post this as Shakira proves that not only is she a beautiful and talented artist/musician but that she also is passionate about many social issues – such as education and the work of her charity, Barefoot Foundation. For those of you that are not aware Barefoot Foundation is a non-profit started by Shakira and its main mission is to ensure that every child can exercise his or her basic right to a quality education.

Shakira, we wish you the best in the new year to come and may you continue to fill us not only with your inspirational “She Wolf” dance moves and lyrics but that you also continue to stay humble about your roots and about those issues that matter most to all of us.

We can’t say enough about her…so we’ll let the video recap her speech.