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Here’s some out-of-the-box thinking that helps keep our industry fresh and inspired. Lionsgate films recently ran a promotion for its new thriller “The Last Exorcist,” using the popular website, Online users cruise the website to videochat with random people, mainly men hoping to find a girl who will show them some skin and other men who do all the showing themselves. Capitalizing on their knowledge of’s users, Lionsgate entices them with an image of a woman who seems to be about to bare her chest. Just as she is about to show them what they want to see, the woman puts her head down. When she resurfaces the woman’s face is distorted, as if possessed by a demon, then she lunges at the screen. After the scary clip, the website for the film is displayed onscreen to the shocked Chatrouletters. This is a great example of a marketer getting creative about how to reach its target audience, although we suspect that the movie is getting more buzz from people talking about the frightening promotion, than the promotion itself.
Pepto Bismol wants you to stuff your face

July 4th is synonymous with American independence, fireworks, flags, family time and plenty of barbecues. Our love for over-indulging in food is extremely high. We all have a tough time resisting that delicious extra burger or hot-dog.

Well guess what? This festive weekend…don’t stop, eat all you want because Pepto Bismol has got your back!

The brand, which recently launched its Facebook page, is sponsoring a litany of gluttony-themed events around the nation in hopes of extending its brand presence. And, what better way to do this than by hosting events with tons of food. Check this out; Ice cream event in Austin, buffalo wing festival in Buffalo, and a hot-dog eating contest with whom they partnered with Nathan’s.

Facebook fans can enter a contest to guess how many hot dogs the winner will eat. If you guess right, you can win a Pepto Bismol T-shirt. Wohoo!! (somone will be very happy to win this.)

So this 4th of July, stuff yourself all you want. Pepto Bismol has got you covered.

Note: Being a fan on Facebook’s Pepto page alone will not stop the riot and discomfort in your stomach.

In a bid to generate some buzz surrounding its new series, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, MTV has launched an online game that encourages users to navigate through the hard times of adolescence.

This series, which premiers on June 6th, is about an awkward 15 year old boy, who has a hard time talking with girls he has a crush on.

The game, called “Chain of Thought,” challenges the player to connect objects in such a way as to create a sentence that causes the in-game “crush” to respond positively.

MTV is slated to release additional game content as the show progresses, creating a unique user experience, in both the game and the TV program. It’s going to be interesting to see how these content elements play off each other, and if they form a symbiotic relationship. MTV is releasing the game earlier than the show, in hopes that it will catch on virally.

You can check out the game here:

With so much talk about being politically correct (PC) nowadays – it should come as no surprise that the new spots by MetroPCS are drawing some attention.

Just yesterday we came across an article in Adage in which Bill Imada wrote a piece questioning whether MetroPCS could produce funny and unique commercials without playing on certain ethic stereotypes that are perpetrated among Americans.

One could argue that if the intent of these ads are to generate buzz and awareness than MetroPCS succeeded. But others will still question whether it’s necessary for this company to play on specific ethnic stereotypes in order to stand apart from other telecomm providers.

The main question is whether or not these commercials are offensive.

What do you think…

Making the A-list has never been easy, but Adrenalina proves it has what it takes.

Just about a week ago, a selected few Adrenalinos were sighted outside the famous Creative Artists Agency. Rumor has it that there may be a possible future collaboration in the works. But you didn’t hear that from us.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Creative Artists; It was founded in 1975, and is considered to be Hollywood’s foremost agency in the sports and entertainment industry. It represents such A-list film and sports clients such as Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Lebron James and Shakira.

The shop is synonymous with stardom!

As you can see from the pics above, our stars were taking it all in. Featured on the spotlight is Manuel Wernicky, president and chief ideas officer, along with a few members of his supporting cast; Jules Aspesi, Victor Zeiris, and Brian Marville.

Great job Adrenalinos…let the magic begin.

While we’ve seen the success that Doritos achieved with its “consumer-generated” TV ad, it still seems a bit shocking that a major brand would go as far as to drop its ad shop altogether.

Recently announced, Peperani decided to drop Lowe, its agency of 16 years, and has no plan of pursuing a full-time replacement.

Instead, consumers will have the chance to create ads for Unilever’s Peparmi and also win a cash reward of $10,000.

A website has been set up to field the entries and specialist agency Smartworks will work with the winner to create the ad.

Is this the future of advertising? Is it all in the hands of the consumers? Or have corporate giants finally found a way to profit further from brand loyalty?

What do you think? Let us know.


Peperami Head Shot

Being that it’s Friday and well…it’s time to unwind. There’s no better way to end the week and begin the weekend then by using some humor.

Don’t know how the conservative movement might view this, but check out the latest Durex commercial making the rounds.

While it may not be anything new, we have to at least acknowledge the humor Durex opted for in trying to convey the brand’s value of desire. At least Durex found a strength in acknowledging its product has a somewhat…almost potent affect on people from all backgrounds and ages.

Great job Durex…what do you think? Is it humor or do you find it offensive.