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mobile advertising on license plates

ads on license plates

California, home of tech innovators such as Google and Apple, might start selling ad space on licence plates. An initiative the State hopes may help combat its $19 billion budget deficit.

The digital ads would run on electronic license plates, and would only be displayed if the car is not in motion for more than several seconds (e.g. at a traffic signal stop). While the vehicle is moving, the plates would feature a normal license number.

Although there are no location-based advertising plans as yet, there appears to be a potential for future software developers as it might fit seamlessly into this program.

Let’s see if this innovation can help the “Golden State” overcome its financial woes and move forward.


We’re already seeing brands incorporating barcodes into promotion offerings in order to drive traffic to a specific site, but is there more that can be done with these universal product codes (UPC)?

What some might just see as a design of lines intended to provide a price, there’s more than meet the eyes to these UPC’s.

Sticktybits – a barcode reading application for iPhones and Android platforms smart phones – turns barcodes into threaded conversations around objects. Any one can scan a barcode using their camera phone and using the Stickbits app. Then they are able to either comment, post a photo, or video. The next person who scans that barcode can see your message and can leave their own. In this way physical objects become digital social media platforms, something very sci-fi. It’s like Foursquare for objects/products instead of locations.

But, how brands make money off this simple technology?

Well, PepsiCo is answering that question by becoming the first brand to post “official” stickybits content to its barcodes. Consumers can scan PepsiCo products with their smart phones and unlock specific content for each brand,. It doesn’t stop there as people as have the ability to engage as they offer their opinions and contribute to the discussion.

Talk about revolutionizing content creation. Let’s see how this plays out with other brands truly embracing their consumers.

Personalize your own six pack

Personalize your own six pack

In today’s consumer market, people are demanding and expecting more interaction from their favorite brands.

In an attempt to satisfy that demand, Heinekin has rolled out a new internet application that lets you, the consumer, personalize a 6-pack of beer by choosing the bottle design, and posting text and a photo.

The site offers a nice selection of designs, and is quite fun to play around with. Unfortunately, for all you beer collectors out there, this service does not come free of charge. 😦

A personalized 6-pack will cost you a little bit more than $30 dollars. Regardless of the price, however, we think this new app is a great attempt at engaging consumers…not to mention, who doesn’t want to drink a beer with their picture on it. Maybe you might feel different after a couple six packs.


throwing rocks at toyotas - can the giant recover?

When we were younger, my friends and I had a long standing joke for things that were cheap and worthless, it was a statement actually, “throwing rocks at Pintos.”

While, I can’t account for the veracity of our theory, basically, if it was lame, boring, weak, garbage, or otherwise unworthy it was like throwing a rock at a pinto, in our minds we thought that’s all it would take to explode that unsafe lemon.

I couldn’t help recall this memory in light of Toyota’s recent woes. Last Friday, Akio Toyoda, grandson of Sakichi Toyoda (founder of present day Toyota), took to a press conference to formally apologize to all its consumers and stated that indeed the company was in trouble. This situation is definitely going to be a case study in crisis management for a brand that has long prided itself on quality control, and let’s face it – Saatchi – its agency will also be on the hot seat.

Due to a slow response, the company has now gone a PR blitz with its executives taking to the airwaves on America’s morning talking shows and social media such as youtube and twitter. Toyota even bought time on Super Bowl Sunday.

But is it too late?

The company is now set to testify before congress about what it knew and whether or not it acted accordingly.

Detroit is probably salivating at the fact that the Giant has finally shown signs that it is not indestructible as many once thought; not to mention that the U.S. car manufactures needed something to level the playing field again.

At least Toyota seems to have learned a valuable lesson in all this – never turn your brights on in the fog. You can’t see what’s in front.

Since news broke of his extramarital affairs, Tiger Woods’ face and name have become synonymous with the phrase “what not to do if you’re a superstar billionaire athlete”.

Sponsors have jumped ship, the PGA tour audience and endorsers are eroding; now, the biggest question in Tiger’s life is not which club is going to get him on the green, but whether or not his illustrious career will be able to make it out of the rough.

The answer to this question is in the hands, or should I say clubs, of Tiger Woods.  He is one of the greatest athletes of our time and has unmatched star power; he not only broke records but also tumbled that pesky color barrier in golf as well. Not too shabby for a confessed adulterer.

Tiger will undoubtedly return to golf, and with a vengeance.  Anyone who can play (and win) at Torrey Pines with multiple torn ligaments in their knee–that required immediate surgery–is definitely a champion and won’t subside, no matter what the obstacle.

So, the billion dollar question is: when Tiger returns, will the endorsements follow?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has faced challenges in the past.

Even fickle marketers know a champion when they see one and while Tiger’s image is no longer immaculate, his abilities on the golf course will be, and always have been, his saving grace.

Ask Kobe Bryant, who after being accused of sexual assault, returned to the NBA to win a championship and now commands the best team in the NBA.

Both athletes have had sponsors jump ship in the midst of their crises, but as long as Tiger wins–and win he will–his reputation as a phenomenal athlete will remain intact, and after all, wasn’t that Tiger’s biggest asset to begin with?

Have you seen these sort of images?

adrenalina QR code

adrenalina QR code

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t…

But, marketers are hoping that Quick Response or QR codes will be the way to code the future.

A QR code is unique in that it can have a variety of information embedded in it such as a website or blog url, message, phone number or even a promotional coupon.

Pretty cool right? It’s a fusion of technology and advertising bridging consumers with various products and services.

But how does it work?

Simple, by using a QR code reader – software which you have to download onto your mobile phone – you can then scan a QR picture with your camera phone and your mobile device will automatically redirect you to the information stored in the code.

In the near future you’re going to see more QR codes on street advertisement, billboards, games and even on apparel such as t-shirts, hats and scarfs.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that these codes and their use in marketing are really nothing new to the Asian market. QR codes are already a part of everyday society in Japan. As always the U.S. is lagging on not just technology but on many applications that could potentially drive people to other products and offerings.

If you would like to get your own QR code you can go to Kaywa – that’s where we got ours – featured above.

Want to see more info on how these codes work? Click on the video below and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

In our efforts to showcase – thinking outside the box – today we shine the light on Fisch Franke and its innovative billboard display. Guess, Fisch isn’t kidding around when it comes to letting his consumer know how fresh their fish is.

How fresh you ask?

As fresh as a public aquarium with live fish!!

Now parents, be warned. Don’t let your kids think this is just another public aquarium with little Abraham swimming there (reference to Different Strokes). These scaling friends may end up end being dinner.

We’re just kidding…at least about the dinner part. Nevertheless, great execution on the display.