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Internet dating has never been a simple matter. In fact, unless you were willing to pay for expensive dating sites, Craigslist or other similar platforms were the usual route for the relationship-challenged. VisualFriend is a new iPhone app that aims to revolutionize online dating by calling on iPhone to facilitate video dates between users, using Apple’s Facetime functionality. How does it work? From the VisualFriend’s website: “Meet friends, share information, flirt…” Put simply, users can view pictures of other members, chat in interactive chat-rooms, and exchange digits with that special someone they are interested in pursuing via Facetime. So it’s essentially a more selective version of, hopefully sans exhibitionists. The service is free, and we are watching closely to see what kind of results dials up among the singles crowd.


In a bid to generate some buzz surrounding its new series, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, MTV has launched an online game that encourages users to navigate through the hard times of adolescence.

This series, which premiers on June 6th, is about an awkward 15 year old boy, who has a hard time talking with girls he has a crush on.

The game, called “Chain of Thought,” challenges the player to connect objects in such a way as to create a sentence that causes the in-game “crush” to respond positively.

MTV is slated to release additional game content as the show progresses, creating a unique user experience, in both the game and the TV program. It’s going to be interesting to see how these content elements play off each other, and if they form a symbiotic relationship. MTV is releasing the game earlier than the show, in hopes that it will catch on virally.

You can check out the game here:

So, last week the new U by Kotex campaign “Break the Cycle” was launched. Don’t know if many of you had the chance to see it given all the news worthy stuff going on, such as health care reform and Sandra Bullock’s marital woes. So we decided to share it with you and also with the office especially because majority of the Adrenalinos – just so happen to be males.

The responses we got were definitely mixed and ranged anywhere from: “Why is this being shared?“ to “Do women really feel like dancing by the third day?”

So, in hopes of addressing some of these questions…this is all I have to say: It’s about time the femcare category evolve from the way it has communicated with female (consumers) for the past 50 years. I mean, come on! It’s frustrating to see that the networks and brands refuse to air commercials if it mentions the word “vagina” or even “down there.”

Seriously, aren’t we in the 21st century. Why not use the language that most women use?

Finally, for all my male collegues…let me just say this: No, women don’t feel like dancing in slow-mo or wearing white spandex during those or any other days of the month. Hope you enjoy this ad as much as we did.

Ever heard of the HRC (Human Rights Campaign)?

It’s America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

On Saturday, October 10th, President Obama took the podium at National Annual HRC’s Dinner.

It was very inspiring and refreshing to hear a modern leader speak about this issue. He made it crystal clear that he is a strong ally to the community. He not only understands but encourages activism even in the midst of frustration with the current pace of change.

Check out the video below and let us know what he thinks:

Thanks Yoplait and Publicis Modem, for going outside the boundaries of traditional marketing and advertising and doing your part to bring social awareness to an issue that affects millions of young and older women around the globe – breast cancer.

For all those out there, this spot doesn’t just highlight ta-tas or how we say in Spanish, Chi-Chi’s, but for also serves as a calling to all women to to take a pledge to themselves and their bodies. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among females 15 to 54. It’s a pretty big age gap, I know.

But this is great way to not only generate social awareness but also encourage women to take charge of their bodies given the fact that many young women think this sort of thing simply can’t happen to them.

Best of all…you no longer have to send in yogurt lids. All you have to do is TAKE THE PLEDGE. Find them on Facebook.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think…

Jorge has left the building

Jorge has left the building


Most people seem confused when I tell them that I graduated with a degree in International Politics but decided to work in advertising; they don’t see a link between the two. On the other hand, some people cynically point out how natural it is, given that advertisers, diplomats and politicians all depend on their ability to manipulate audiences. “Bullshit by any other name” they seem to say.

Maybe at some point in time this argument was valid, but thanks to agencies like Adrenalina, times are a-changin’.

As an intern at Adrenalina, I’ve had the chance to see firsthand how the new generation of communication agencies not only goes beyond advertising, taking cues from fields like anthropology, politics, and biology, but also works hard to create platforms where relationships between a brand and consumer are based on meaningful dialogue and culturally relevant work.

Working with the cognitive and cultural studies (strategy) team, my primary task was to question every existing notion on how people interact with the world and each other, and like an amateur detective, try to find that single human truth that’s going to help answer how a brand can better relate to an individual, his needs and aspirations, in a constructive way. My days consisted of reading anything from anthropology white papers to blogs on tailgating, immersing myself in all kinds of media, and more importantly, going out and talking to people within their experience.

I am particularly proud of the work the other interns and I presented to the agency on secondary targets for Tecate, and my own presentation analyzing the latest trends in social and cultural research. I even had the chance to work on a personal project about the intersection of advertising agency models and the public diplomacy practice.

Alas, the best thing about Adrenalina, apart from being able to wear sneakers every day and the happy hours, is the great team of people working there. Perhaps it’s a business necessity, to create an atmosphere where great people can be creative and constantly produce great work in tight deadlines, but the fact that the minimalist-stylized space in 411 Lafayette St. feels less like an office and more like a room out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – laughter, a sense of wonderment, and the occasional impromptu dance number in the hallway are commonplace – gives credit to the idea that great advertising it’s not about the work, but the people and the process behind it.

If you want to call it bullshit, then don’t mind the splat on the side of my mouth; it’s all I ever could want in a job.

~ Jorge

In our efforts to showcase – thinking outside the box – today we shine the light on Fisch Franke and its innovative billboard display. Guess, Fisch isn’t kidding around when it comes to letting his consumer know how fresh their fish is.

How fresh you ask?

As fresh as a public aquarium with live fish!!

Now parents, be warned. Don’t let your kids think this is just another public aquarium with little Abraham swimming there (reference to Different Strokes). These scaling friends may end up end being dinner.

We’re just kidding…at least about the dinner part. Nevertheless, great execution on the display.