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We’ve all heard about the cutting-edge developments in the world of Augmented Reality (AR). But, now that this trend is starting to surface more as part of mainstream we wanted to showcase how major brands are incorporating AR in order to engage consumers.

For those of you living underneath a rock for the past couple of years AR is simply a live direct (or indirect) view of the physical world, whose elements are altered using computer-generated virtual imagery. This technology was originally confined to the military realm of display systems. And, it was later adopted by TV broadcasting stations in the form of displaying the yellow line that marks the first down in sporting events such as football. Now, we are starting to see innovation coming from big brands who don’t necessarily have a background in technology.

Take the iPhone app – Scoops of Happiness – by Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream. This app comes with a feature called “Moo Vision,” where consumers can point their iPhone camera at selected ice cream containers, and see a 3D image in their camera display. And they aren’t the only ones serving up these exciting treats. Doritos recently shot an AR stunt (see video above) where the brand reveals a dancing mascot on roof top in Brazil. Even General Motors is currently working on an AR program that will help drivers in bad weather.

As AR uses advance, something tells us that we should keep our eyes open and smart phone cameras ready…chance are, we haven’t seen anything yet.


Here at Adrenalina we’re art lovers. We love to experience all the creativity that mankind has to offer. But, we also know it can be hard for small-time artist to get the exposure they need. That’s why we are so excited to highlight a pair of websites we feel gives capitalism a much needed dose of creativity. Not to mention it’s also helping to spread the wealth.

What happens when you take a social-networking based T-shirt store such as and combine it with a user moderated art gallery like

The answer: ArtistShoppe

This new hybrid web site allows artist to post their work on Society6. The artworks are then promoted by their fans, earning featured placement on the site. Not only do you get to purchase the art featured but will also select a few lucky artists from Society6, and will printed their works on T-shirts. Talk about a match made in heaven.

Artists will now have access to a whole new market for their creative inspiration, an exciting fusion between art, social-media, and the free-market. The partnership between these two innovative companies is one that will likely continue to offer opportunity for artists, and consumers alike.

Vinyl Records are making a comeback?

Apparently it’s true, thanks to Rhea Jeong’s Void LP player. Pretty neat right?

The innovative LP player is a self-sufficient speaker, and is accompanied with an amp and needle (the red ball). The magnetic saucer then levitates the vinyl record, and voila – you can play your old Pink Floyd and Queen records.

I know what your thinking…vinly? Seriously?

Well, anything is possible. I mean, the 80’s are back, Michael Jackson is topping the charts once again. And people are buying his CD’s and LP’s like there is no tomorrow. So okay, maybe…

As for us, kudos to the designer but we’ll pass on this one. Instead we’ll wait for Cloud, the magnetically levitating sofa (it’s still a concept, but you better believe we’ll be buying it).

office decor

We stumbled upon these images. Very interesting office decor. Don’t you agree?

Now, some of you may think that these pictures have been enhanced or doctored…but, guess again.

All this is possible through the use of a projector.

But, a word of caution if you want to do this on your own. Be sure to display your images in an appropriate angle…if not, it may just look like a HOT MESS (that last comment was for our girl – Milli).

and just for laughs…

oh dear......

not exactly what anyone would imagined when one reads the caption of top Mexican designer home.

Remember hearing the stories of Cinderella and Snow White when you were a child. Everyone knows how they end or do we?

Take a look at these classic beauties highlighted in a modern day setting as portrayed by Dina Goldstein – photographer extraordinaire.

Dina’s ongoing project was inspired by the observation of three-year-old girls who were developing an interest in Disney’s Fairy tales.

I’d like to see what Goldstein will do with The Little Mermaid. Guess we don’t get to live so happily ever after…Let’s just hope that Disney isn’t watching. We know how protective they can be of their image especially when they are constantly trying to sell us magical dreams.

“Fallen Princess” is set to be completed by October of this year. To see more images visit: