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At the Mega Diner, the waitress is mega hot, and she’s serving up a mega-brand. Adidas recently launched its Mega Diner interactive website, where users place their orders with Flo the waitress, who then has the chef cook up your favorite…..well, pair of shoes. Different responses to her questions causes her to bring you a different meal, I mean pair of sneakers. Customers can then inspect the shoes, order them, and of course, share on Facebook. The web interface is great and provides a stable platform for engaging consumers with content that they want. As the trend of targeting consumers via brand-generated content continues to grow online, we are watching closely for what will come next.

@earlybird catches the worm

Twitter has announced the introduction of a social-shopping function to its already semi-convoluted business plan. After rolling out its “Promoted Trends,” and “Promoted Tweets” advertising platforms, the micro-blogging platform will begin tweeting daily deals through a new account aptly named @earlybird.

Similar to popular sites such as and LivingSocial, which recently raised $173 million and $50 million, respectively, Twitter will allow users to opt in to receive daily discounts.

Twitter is hoping that since users are the ones make the choice to follow, these ads might be more receptive. Of course, Twitter and its partners are banking on the viral nature of the platform, whereby people will retweet ads that they deem interesting, to their legions of followers.

If you ask us it sounds like a win-win situation for both Twitter and sponsors. The investment is minimal and the rewards are potentially massive. We’ve already started following @earlybird, and think you should too.

Here at Adrenalina we’re art lovers. We love to experience all the creativity that mankind has to offer. But, we also know it can be hard for small-time artist to get the exposure they need. That’s why we are so excited to highlight a pair of websites we feel gives capitalism a much needed dose of creativity. Not to mention it’s also helping to spread the wealth.

What happens when you take a social-networking based T-shirt store such as and combine it with a user moderated art gallery like

The answer: ArtistShoppe

This new hybrid web site allows artist to post their work on Society6. The artworks are then promoted by their fans, earning featured placement on the site. Not only do you get to purchase the art featured but will also select a few lucky artists from Society6, and will printed their works on T-shirts. Talk about a match made in heaven.

Artists will now have access to a whole new market for their creative inspiration, an exciting fusion between art, social-media, and the free-market. The partnership between these two innovative companies is one that will likely continue to offer opportunity for artists, and consumers alike.

Perhaps many of you are already familiar with the various Zynga games on Facebook such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. If not, you need not worry…you’re most likely going to see more of these social-networking based games as Zynga has partnered with chain-store giant, 7-Eleven.

Both 7-Eleven and Zynga are hoping this could be a “win-win” situation.

Stephanie Hoppe, senior director of marketing at 7-Eleven states, “We know social networking and social gaming is something they’re interested in,” its all about giving consumer experiences that they’ll enjoy and that will bring them back to 7-Eleven. Zynga will compliment this effort by having virtual “goods” codes placed on 35 of 7-Eleven’s products, ranging from potato chips to Slurpees.

Consumers will be able to redeem the codes at for items in 3 of Zynga’s most popular games, Farmville, MafiaWars, and YoVille.

7-Eleven plans to begin a wide-ranging advertising campaign to promote the project, on June 1st. Looks like this might just be the beginning of a long-term trend of brands teaming up with social-media networks, ultimately enhancing their connections with consumers, and enhancing brand loyalty.

It seems like Starbucks is back on a roll these days. They’ve recently launch their new instant brand – Via – exposing and making the brand available to millions of consumers.

And it seems there’s no stopping them as they are placing a bigger emphases on mobile and social media nowadays.

Not to long ago Starbucks launched its highly reviewed iPod application. Now their taking it a step farther with their Facebook application.

Loyal customers will now have the ability to shop for gift cards out of retail locations. Thanks to the new FB applicatioin users can load cash onto their virtual (mobile) cards, or charge up their plastic ones. Customers can even charge up a friends card.

We love to see how brands are adapting to the reality of integrated social media, driving sales into their brick and mortar stores, as well as in their digital spaces. This is a company to watch for more innovation.

shopping within the reach of a click

personal stylist on your iphone

Where are all my fashionista lovers…

Okay, so how many of you are guilty of just browsing the ad pages of a magazine?

I know I am. So, it should come as no surprise that when I saw this pretty cool new application (Vogue Stylist) for the iPhone released by Vogue – featured on Wall Street Journal – I had to check it out.

Great, as if I needed any more reasons to spend money, Vogue is going to make it easier for someone like to me to make online purchases.

The days of window shopping or just browsing magazine ads are over. With the Vogue Stylist application you’ll now be able to browse merchandise featured in the magazine and wait…it get’s better, you’ll have the ability to purchase it, all within a couple of clicks – or finger taps.

This thing could get dangerous for all us emotional and impulse buyers.

Download the application and check out this video. It gives a quick highlight of the app. Let us know what you think.