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A new trend has major retailers and social media giants like YouTube trying to cash in.

What is it?

Shopping haul videos – the act of an individual showcasing and reviewing items that they purchased online for the world to see via social media networks such as YouTube. Take a look at the video, which we posted above. It was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America on July 14th, 2010.

Talk about the convergence of word of mouth, user generated content and social media all being produced into unofficial commercials. It’s definitely something to keep an eye out especially because one has to wonder if this is the future of commercials or even sponsored programming.


This post is nothing more than me airing my frustration about ABC and other media companies that are still lost about live streaming. Here’s what happened.

Last night I was at work late and I wanted to watch the season premiere of LOST. Now, unlike many of you who have money to throw away I don’t have a DVR and I can’t afford cable. But let’s be honest…I’mm not going to pay $100 or more a month for two or three channels.

I decided to harvest the power of technology. I did a google and bing search for live streams of LOST so that I could watch it at the appropriate airing time and viola, like magic I found a couple of sites. My first and go-to site was JUSTINTV. I’ve used them in the past to watch NFL events when I didn’t have a TV.

Justintv streaming LOST

ABC LOST on Streaming

Excitedly I logged on and saw a couple of rooms that were streaming the episode. One had about 300 viewer while others had 1,200 and so on…you get the picture (if not, I put one above so you can get it). As I watched the show in real time I also had to sit and watch the commercials just like everyone else since it was part of the live stream. Then, after maybe 15 mins the live feeds were shut down.

Everyone in the live chat room was disappointed and we were all scrambling to see if someone else would post a credible link. Sadly enough, nothing happened. All we are able to see was a sign, which stated the “stream was shut down due to copyright¬†infringements.”

I’m not going to justify and legal justifications about copyrights but then it dawned on me. We all know that people are consuming media on different devices, through various media channels at different times throughout of the day.

So, why are the major networks behind on the idea of streaming their content live – as it happens. Major media corporations already do it for breaking news and CSPAN has live all the time – not that anyone really watches this channel all the time. But why can’t they do it for other television programs?

Think about it, all those people who have to work late, who aren’t able to view their shows and don’t want to wait till the next day to see it on hulu or on the corporations’ website.

Based on my few interactions I can clearly see that there is a segment of consumers that are looking to connect with their favorite show – real time as it happens. I for one would be willing to login and give up some of my information such as email, DOB and or geographical location in order to have access to live programing. And in a worst case scenario, I’d even be willing to watch the commercials as they air in order to watch my show.

I think many people would think the same. Bu hey, it’s just an idea…what do you think?