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Internet dating has never been a simple matter. In fact, unless you were willing to pay for expensive dating sites, Craigslist or other similar platforms were the usual route for the relationship-challenged. VisualFriend is a new iPhone app that aims to revolutionize online dating by calling on iPhone to facilitate video dates between users, using Apple’s Facetime functionality. How does it work? From the VisualFriend’s website: “Meet friends, share information, flirt…” Put simply, users can view pictures of other members, chat in interactive chat-rooms, and exchange digits with that special someone they are interested in pursuing via Facetime. So it’s essentially a more selective version of, hopefully sans exhibitionists. The service is free, and we are watching closely to see what kind of results dials up among the singles crowd.


The global food and beverage corporation Kraft has cooked up Big Fork Little Fork, a new iPad application.

This marks a new trend that has major companies rushing to embrace a new gadget, in this case Apple’s iPad, in order to create a new application for a specific consumer.

With help from Meredith Integrated Marketing who assisted in building of this app, we want to compliment and highlight Kraft’s innovation. The brand sought to uncover a way to educate young parents about healthy eating in a way that was fun and interactive way.

Kraft expects that Big Fork Little Fork will help to fill a void where young parents, mostly in their 20s and 30s have when it comes to finding information about nutritional eating for their children. The Kraft app comes on the heels of a proprietary study Kraft conducted via Google that found 37 million web searches were recently conducted on topics such as family and kids food.

So that begs the following questions: How many consumers will this cool app actually reach given that only a small segment own iPads? Will Big Fork Little Fork leave consumers stuck at a proverbial “fork” in the road?

Have you heard of either or

Don’t worry if you haven’t. Until recently we hadn’t either. That’s why we wanted to share the newest and creative ways that users are innovating on Google Maps API’s (applications) – (you know when you’re lost, and need to look up something…you tend to look it up on Google Maps, at least we do.) – and taking them to the next level.

When you go to Blaubo design, you’re greeted by a collage of small screen shots of different websites. It’s layout is interesting and non-traditional. Once you are there you’ll quickly see that Blaubo is portfolio of various websites and quick links that will redirect you, if you select one of them. The cool things about this is how the designer is using the Google Maps application in order to let you the user either zoom in or out, move left or right, or even simply just grab the page and drag it around. Check it out and play around with the page. You’ll understand.

Similar to Blaubo, is another neat example of how Google Maps API’s (applications) are growing beyond simple map display use. Designer Markus Dressen lets you grab, drag and snoop around his desk on the website, which is a collage of his favorite books. It shows that the API can also be used to pan around large images as well. Maybe we’ll have to find a way to display our creative portfolio like this.

What do you think?

Also, as a side note, if you haven’t noticed both sites are “powered by Google.” There’s a little caption on the bottom of each page. Great way for Google to endorse and leverage its brand without splashing its name all over the websites.