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At the Mega Diner, the waitress is mega hot, and she’s serving up a mega-brand. Adidas recently launched its Mega Diner interactive website, where users place their orders with Flo the waitress, who then has the chef cook up your favorite…..well, pair of shoes. Different responses to her questions causes her to bring you a different meal, I mean pair of sneakers. Customers can then inspect the shoes, order them, and of course, share on Facebook. The web interface is great and provides a stable platform for engaging consumers with content that they want. As the trend of targeting consumers via brand-generated content continues to grow online, we are watching closely for what will come next.

Experiences that Matter

Nike has taken consumer interaction and experience to a whole new level with This online web portal is a place where anyone can design their own sneakers, see them come to life, and have them delivered to their doorsteps within a couple of weeks.

Thanks to a creative partnership between Nike and R/GA – has recently become one of the top experential websites.

On – you are the designer and the creator. You can start from a blank white sneaker of any style and design every part ranging from the color of laces down to the stitching. For those who may not feel as creative, don’t worry. Users can find inspiration by reviewing other user-generated designs. You can even see all the details by using the 360˚ rotation tool.

For the professional or semi-professional athletes, they can change the bottom of the sneaker to fit their specific sport. Nike has also recently launched the same options for apparel such as hoodies and sports jerseys. When the design is finished, you can either purchase and/or share the design with the rest of the world via social networking sites, such as Facebook, and even on blogs.

The options are endless. Once you start, it almost becomes an addiction. You feel like you want to keep creating and sharing with friends.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put together a fresh set of kicks…maybe to match my New Era Yankee cap.