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The New Mini Beachcomer

Moke Military Truck

Moke Military Truck

Is it summer yet?

These long, cold New York winters are making all of us long for the beaches and vacations that summer brings. Didn’t most of you head south for the Holidays? Yes, but that only wet the appetite. Today we’ve been scoping out our newest object of desire as she romps down the beach topless. No, the SI swimsuit issue didn’t launch early. We’re lusting over Mini’s new BeachComber concept that was unveiled this week at the Detroit Auto Show. It’s based off of the new Mini Crossover which is a pretty cool new toy in its own right. They also used the old Moke military truck (if you can call it a truck) for inspiration.

Honestly, there’s no big revelation here, we just thought it was cool and we’re inspired by Mini’s out of the box thinking. Check it out, if enough buzz is generated for the Mini Beachcomer  it might actually see the light of day (preferably in mid June).