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What does a modern and contemporary international art juggernaut, such as the Guggenheim, have in common with Youtube, the world’s largest user-generated content powerhouse?

Not much, many would answer.

But that’s about to change! Thanks to a new initiative, Youtube Play, the digital and art world are about to collide. The result, we hope, is a thrilling masterpiece. The museum will select 25 of the best videos, which will be submitted and voted on by people like you and me for an exhibition that will be on display later this year.

In an age where people can gain celebrity status very quickly through Youtube’s equalizing distribution platform, the Guggenheim is seeking to find the next “Justin Bieber” of the art world.

Participants are asked to submit all types of creative work, animation, motion graphics, narrative, non-narrative, or documentary work, music videos and entirely new art forms—creations that challenge the world’s perceptions of what’s possible with video.

Talk about the worlds biggest pool of creative crowd-sourcing. Everyone should definitely keep their eyes open for what’s about to come.


If you thought people in subways were too busy to notice anyone else…think again!

The Portuguese comic artist – Antonio Jorge Goncalves – makes drawings of people sitting in subways from around the world. He stays an average of three weeks in ten different cities and makes around 300 drawings. Each sketch depicts different subway riders.

So, the next time you happen to be on the subway – strike a pose – assuming someone is staring at you. Who knows, you might just be the subject of some future artwork.

Check out for more of his work. Let us know if you find a picture of yourself.