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At the Mega Diner, the waitress is mega hot, and she’s serving up a mega-brand. Adidas recently launched its Mega Diner interactive website, where users place their orders with Flo the waitress, who then has the chef cook up your favorite…..well, pair of shoes. Different responses to her questions causes her to bring you a different meal, I mean pair of sneakers. Customers can then inspect the shoes, order them, and of course, share on Facebook. The web interface is great and provides a stable platform for engaging consumers with content that they want. As the trend of targeting consumers via brand-generated content continues to grow online, we are watching closely for what will come next.

For all you sneakerheads out there…whether you call them kicks or sneaks, this post is just for you.

Adidas is getting ready to debut its new sneaker – Equation – a convertible high and low gym shoe. I know, no one really uses the word gym shoe…but I thought it would be fun to bring it back to the ol’skool. Okay, enough with that.

Check out this spot created by 180 where Kevin Garnett from the Celtics and Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls go toe-to-toe giving their lessons in style.

But is there still a market for premium sneakers when brands like Starbury and now Protégé are craving out a segment for affordable sneakers. Is it style or price that will dictate personal choice?

So tell us…how do you rock your sneakers…LOL