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Nike’s “Write the Future” ad, created for the world cup, has by all standards become a global phenomenal success. In a move to further capitalize on its success, Wieden + Kennedy, the agency responsible for the campaign, has launched an interactive component via Facebook, and Twitter (#NikeFuture).

Through these social mediums fans are encouraged to “write the future,” of their favorite players. The best headlines are selected daily and are displayed in electric lighting on the facade of the Life Centre building in Johannesburg.

Another great example of a brand adapting its role and acting as a facilitator between the emotions and conversations taking place between people and their passion for the World Cup. It’s not just about engaging the audience in real-time rather in this case its almost the sense of empowering people to embrace and take control of their lives by writing their version of what the future holds.

Who knows what the real outcome will be but one this is for sure…this initiative is definitely helping Nike’s to write its own future.


Rudo y Cursi, a new movie produced by Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna is using social media to make it at the box office. The plot is about two siblings that rival each other inside the world of professional soccer.

But apparently, one of them has a deeper desire to do something else with his life…What can it be? Well if the title doesn’t give it away then take a look at video clip by Tato (Gael’s Character). Funny and talented (?). Enjoy.