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I won’t lie. My first day at Adrenalina was stressful and quite intimidating.

I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to survive, but I did. And now, I’m not even out of the office yet and I already miss it! From the hugs in the morning, to the quick deadlines, and to the nerve-wracking presentations we had to do in front of Manuel, I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything.

Every day was a learning experience! The people here are amazing and you can really tell that they give a *F!@%* about their job, seriously. At Adrenalina there’s no such thing as getting lost in the mix because everyone really is on a unified front to do great work and make an impact.

They say that I joined the team at a rather unique time for Adrenalina. A lot of opportunities started opening up and everyone was face deep in new ventures. As an intern, this was quite the sight and a crazy ride that I wasn’t sure I was prepared for.

Just think, on my first day I was given a bunch of research to do and was told that I needed to present it – not just to the creative and strategy team – but also to the president of the agency. Did I mention the presentation had to be ready in less that a week!

I’ll admit, there were moments where I might have stressed out a bit too much, but looking back even the negative feelings made my experience that much more enjoyable. I guess you could say that I have changed a lot in the past three months, both personally and professionally – and it’s all for the better.

And if by any chance you’re reading this because you’re thinking about interning at Adrenalina, do it! Never did I imagine that as an intern I would be given the opportunity to do even half the things that I’ve done in the mere three months I’ve spent here. But I know what you’re thinking, “won’t I go hungry if I’m just an intern?” Guess again. Cupcakes for breakfast, Thanksgiving leftovers, international candies, and even cake with little plastic babies in them – only a fraction of what Adrenalina has to offer!

~ Andrea