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Since news broke of his extramarital affairs, Tiger Woods’ face and name have become synonymous with the phrase “what not to do if you’re a superstar billionaire athlete”.

Sponsors have jumped ship, the PGA tour audience and endorsers are eroding; now, the biggest question in Tiger’s life is not which club is going to get him on the green, but whether or not his illustrious career will be able to make it out of the rough.

The answer to this question is in the hands, or should I say clubs, of Tiger Woods.  He is one of the greatest athletes of our time and has unmatched star power; he not only broke records but also tumbled that pesky color barrier in golf as well. Not too shabby for a confessed adulterer.

Tiger will undoubtedly return to golf, and with a vengeance.  Anyone who can play (and win) at Torrey Pines with multiple torn ligaments in their knee–that required immediate surgery–is definitely a champion and won’t subside, no matter what the obstacle.

So, the billion dollar question is: when Tiger returns, will the endorsements follow?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has faced challenges in the past.

Even fickle marketers know a champion when they see one and while Tiger’s image is no longer immaculate, his abilities on the golf course will be, and always have been, his saving grace.

Ask Kobe Bryant, who after being accused of sexual assault, returned to the NBA to win a championship and now commands the best team in the NBA.

Both athletes have had sponsors jump ship in the midst of their crises, but as long as Tiger wins–and win he will–his reputation as a phenomenal athlete will remain intact, and after all, wasn’t that Tiger’s biggest asset to begin with?