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One of the most interesting things of Barack Obama’s campaign was the smart use of online media. People got personal emails, txt messages to their mobiles, and we all were invited to either become friends, or fans of Obama. The use of such platforms did not stop with the election run. His first 100 days of presidency marked another smart move on the digital area. See the Official White House Flickr and you’ll be able to feel his 100 days journey. Last night, after his speech, you may have heard people critizicing him… but look how lovely he looks in that golf cart!

Official White House Flickr

It’s always interesting to see real life and fiction coming together.
This community of people around the world claims to be real life superheroes. CNN just posted a story about them, but the most impressive is the number of super heroes registered in the World Superhero Registry .Superheroes in Cincinnatti


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Comedy about tragedies, that’s the best way to fight them. Popular culture in arms.


Good friends of Adrenalina shot this cool video. El talento de la ciudad.

This an animation that a friend recommended us to watch and as we saw the video we were completely out of words due to the incredible use of rendering and animation used in this video. So much detail and also a lot of emotion!! Amazing.

A 1976 PSA warning about Swine Flu. I wonder about the difference in communication effects with today’s outbreak campaigns, taking into account the current Internet community.

A magic execution, by Chris Cunningham. A prolific director’s take on a luxury brand that knows how to build product brands, before a motherbrand. Beautiful.